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Mesoscopic Physics Group

The Northwestern University Mesoscopic Physics Group

Mesoscopic physics studies objects that lie between the worlds of classical and quantum mechanics, objects usually large enough to be visible in an optical microscope, but small enough to have properties exhibiting the wavelike, nonlocal, and coherent behavior that are signatures of the quantum world. Our lab uses a wide range of fabrication techniques to make novel devices using normal metals, superconductors, ferromagnets, carbon nanotubes, complex oxides, and graphene. With a host of new physical phenomena only realizable at the nanoscale, mesoscopic research lies not only at the intersection of the classical and the quantum, but at the nexus of basic physics research and cutting-edge technology as well.


We have openings for graduate and undergraduate students.  If you are interested, please contact Venkat Chandrasekhar.

We are also associated with Northwestern's new Graduate Program in Applied Physics.

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